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Individual Reviews

May 2015

I was a first time home buyer and excited to find a new home.  However, with few homes for sale, homes selling in just days and my irregular work schedule, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to find a home.  But, with persistence, Betsy found a house that was perfectly suited for me.   Because of her background she definitely understood all the complex issues that came up during the home buying process and was able to explain things in a way I understood.  She kept me informed, was always available and was very proactive.  She stayed on top of things throughout the entire process.  I will recommend Betsy to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.   

-Sam B.

Dec 2014

After spending many weeks looking for a home with a realtor I found one and made an offer.  Right as I was ready to close my lender found that there was a problem with the title.  My realtor kept having me sign extensions saying the issue was going to be resolved.  What I wasn’t told was that the issue could take months or might never be solved.  After many weeks of extensions, I was completely frustrated.   I was at the end of my contract with my realtor so my lender suggested I get a new realtor.  This is when I first came to know Betsy.  She listened to my problems and having a background as a lawyer gave her the ability to analyze the situation and give me guidance.   

Once all of that was in order, Betsy was immediately responsive to my need to quickly find a house.  She listened to what I wanted, combed through the listings and sent me a bunch.  We discussed them and the next day we went out to see homes.  Within 3 days, I had found a home.  She advised me on the appropriate pricing and even told me that she thought I could get the house at a price lower than my initial offer idea based on her evaluation of the home and the circumstances of the seller.  It was clear that her goal was to get the best price possible for me and she did.   Betsy helped me with all the details including negotiating the repairs, talking with the lender, keeping me informed and providing me with regular updates as well as helpful information.   When the appraisal came in at almost 10% above the purchase price, needless to say, I was very happy knowing I got a great deal.   My lender was very surprised to see the appraisal come back that much above the purchase price. 

I would highly recommend, and have recommended, Betsy as someone who listens, has the client’s best interests in mind, and has skills and abilities above and beyond the typical realtor.  I felt that I was in good, capable hands and she exceeded my expectations.   

-DeAnna R.


Dec 2014

I happened to be online late one night looking for acreage so that my husband and I could move to the country and build a new home.  I found some properties and emailed an inquiry.  To my surprise, I got a response.  From that moment on, Betsy continued to be available to us by email, text and phone. She was a great listener and quickly knew exactly what we were looking for.  She diligently researched properties and willingly trudged through the brush on many properties.     

Once we settled on a property, she was a great resource and provided us with helpful information and advice about land purchases, things to think about when purchasing land, and land values.   She worked to negotiate on our behalf based on her research and knowledge of the area.  It was not an easy negotiation but we knew she always had our best interests in mind.  We also got the benefit of her legal background throughout the entire process as she was able to spot issues, provide guidance and professional advice about the contract and land issues, and about the buying processes and procedures.  With Betsy’s help we were able to work through all the issues that came up.   

We love the peaceful and beautiful 25 acre property we bought and can’t wait to get started on building our new home.    

I would highly recommend Betsy to anyone who values competency, professionalism, communication, and knowledge of real estate and the real estate market.  She’s friendly and we’re happy to say that we now call her our friend. 

-Paul and Tina H.